The Real Truth of Sydney property valuations

who are here with a different agenda yeah yeah yes both a little bit disappointing little Sydney property valuations upset but I’ll find the right one well alternate voters blow .

Sydney property valuations
Sydney property valuations
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  • now looking everybody Josh Searson world alternative media here and of course .
  • we’re joined by author and economic analyst here a wham John’s niacin and we know.
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Wham and it’s interesting to go into some of the things that affect Australia Because obviously there’s a world of trouble going on within the

governmental and banking side of things and of course with the manipulation of the markets in Australia and not unlike any other place

really but the fact is it’s on a huge scale and recent article shows that Australia home prices rise most in seven years amid bubble concerns and of course .

  • we’ve talked extensively about many real estate markets across the world
  • how these bubbles are ready to burst at anytime you can’t put a time on it because fundamentals are off the table due to the level of manipulation but
  • we know it’s going to happen so John go into this story yeah well it’s the

same source we’ve been telling about Canada About Norway about the United States and other play United Kingdom yeah yeah it’s exactly the same story like you don’t really need to repeat too much air oh .

we got a state is just a crazy numbers Iwas coming out of course this is pushguys by the central bank’s they are the ones that create these bubbles because .

They want to make people feel enriched by the increase in value in their house yeah that’s the only thing that they’re doing because the money is the inflation is massive right now yeah .